Plugin for uploading your music to iBroadcast

I wrote a plugin for uploading your beets collection to iBroadcast:

All it does right now is (intelligently) upload tracks matching a query—no other options yet.

Any other iBroadcast users out there? For those who haven’t heard of it: it’s a free online receptacle for your music collection, a la Google Play Music and YouTube Music, but with (theoretically) unlimited storage. (I’ll be stress testing that shortly as I upload more of my collection. :nerd_face:) Their business model appears to be that streaming at 128kbps is free, and if you want higher quality streaming you can buy the premium plan, which hasn’t been launched yet.

I was motivated to switch by the Google Play Music shutdown. I tried YouTube Music but got frustrated with it. I’m ecstatic at this chain of events, because it led me to discover beets—what a magnificent tool! My deep gratitude and appreciation to @adrian and all contributors! :sparkling_heart:

P.S. to developers: I’m new to beets, and not super expert at Python, so feedback on the code would be very useful!

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Awesome; thanks for sharing!! If you like, feel free to open a PR to add a link to the new plugin from the documentation (which has a list of links to external plugins).

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