Beet bpd or web fails to open ports

I had beet bpd running fine and updated python to a newer version (security issue). Now beet bpd or beep web will run, but no port is being opened. Also I don’t get any errors in the console.
I tried python3 -m http.server to see if ports were blocked and this just runs fine and can connect from a remote machine. Any ideas?

Wow, truly weird. Totally stumped. (Sorry for the useless comment, but I’m intrigued by how weird this problem is and just wanted to express that!)

Yeas, this truly beets me… I do notice that beet bpd causes continuous high cpu usage while beet web behaves normally.
Phew, a few months ago it took quite some effort to get this working on a Synology via Debian-chroot and now am stumped. Having no console or logging output makes it hard to find the cause.