Beets Synology setup

Hi, new to beets. I installed beets on my Synology server. It reports that it runs. I can login and start beet from the command line. Information is a bit scarce on how to set it up, start playing, etc. Can beets on syno at all be used as an mpd server?

What are the benefits of running beets on a NAS? I run mine on a desktop computer and use the NAS for storing files.

Hello! Maybe a good way to start would be to look over the “Getting Started” guide and the other guides in our docs:

Then maybe you can ask about more specific parts you are still wondering about?

Yes, already went through the guide, but because of the beets Syno package assumed it allowed usage as a mpd (bpd?) daemon. Can you shed some light on this?

It again might be best to start with the docs:

And ask if anything specific is unclear?

After some hefty installation issues, I have beet bpd running now on my Synology. I had to install it under Debian Chroot to have full package support, etc. Main issue had been getting pulseaudio to work properly. I eventually had to statically include the sound card, udev detection didn’t work for some unknown reason.
This page was helpful in configuration.
Now onto exploring beets :slight_smile: