Problem with import

I need some help with importing.

For testing I started with a basic config like this:

directory: /mnt/Music
copy: yes
group_albums: yes

Now when I import folders beets stores them all just in /mnt/Music without any subfolders… I don’t know why.

Another issue is mangled filenames. On nearly every file there is a warning message:

“Fell back to default replacements when naming file xxx. Configure replacements to avoid lengthening the filename.”

Many times a part of the name is cut off, even if the file name is not long at all. Sometimes the filenames are crippled like “01 .mp3”.

Listing in beet library shows correct names.

I don’t know how to fix this.

Please help.

That’s weird. Can you include details about your system? I think beets for some reason believes your filesystem has an extremely short maximum filename length.

You can try setting your maximum filename length in your config:

Hi thank you for your help, setting max filename lengths fixed it.

My system setup is as follows:
Debian Buster in a VM as guest on a windows server 2016 host. The data folder with music is on the host system and shared with the guest and mounted into the aforementioned folder.

Honestly I only did it this way because I had cryptic terminal output from beets on windows. Setting terminal to UTF didn’t work for me.

Thank you again.

Cool—you may have been running into this color issue on Windows, FWIW.

Interesting. I will try that later. Thank you.
Beets is awesome now that I got it working.

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So I tried enabling ANSI color encoding… aaand it works now in windows. Should have come here at first, thank you!

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