Strange Output on Windows

Hi Beets fam,

When I use Beets on Windows 10, full config below, I get some very strange characters on the command line for choice selections. Does anyone know why this might be happening?

Here’s a Pastebin version of what I’m seeing.

beets version 1.4.9
Python version 3.7.4
plugins: beatport, discogs

Thanks for any help or advice you have!

Hi! You’re hitting this bug:

You’ll want to either switch to a terminal that supports ANSI colors or (maybe Windows Terminal?) or disable color in your config.

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Thanks for the quick response! I had the brain wave that those errors looked like ansi codes around the time you wrote back and set color to no (not a big deal since I am blind). Now for the hard work- thank you again for such a great tagger!

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