Why is the metadata of some MP3 on import truncated

I have some MP3s where the metadata is truncated on the first “umlaut” (German letters like ä or ü).

I have uploaded an example MP3 file here. When I import this into beets via beet -A tillmann_pruefer.mp3 I end up with a entry in beets’ database like this:

            album: DIE ZEIT
              art: False
           artist: Von Tillmann Pr
         bitdepth: 0
          bitrate: 96000
         channels: 1
             date: 2021-01-01
           format: MP3
            genre: Speech
           genres: Speech
           length: 235.47841666666667
       samplerate: 44100
            title: Stell dir vor, ich w
             year: 2021

Note, the artist is “Von Tillmann Pr”, but it should be "Von Tillmann Prüfer". Same problem with the title: It reads “Stell dir vor, ich w”, but it should be “Stell dir vor, ich würde Oktoba heißen”.

I have other tracks from other sources, which contain “umlaute” and import fine.

Any idea why this doesn’t work here and how I can fix it?

Hello! I have confirmed for this file that Mutagen only sees the truncated title:

$ python3 -c 'import mutagen; print(mutagen.File("tillmann_pruefer.mp3")["TIT2"])'   
Stell dir vor, ich w

Do you have another tool that shows the complete title? If so, there may be a bug in Mutagen. But it may also be that the other tool is behaving outside of the ID3 specification.

I have to admit other (comamdn line ) tool give the same result.

But it is odd that it always happens on the umlaute… I was thinking it might be an encoding issue…

Maybe it’s worth looking at the origin of the files? Maybe the data was truncated before the files were even generated?

Yep, will look into it.

The files come from a German subscription news site, so I don’t have much control over them. I will contact the news site… but don’t expect any meaningful response. :frowning: