Strange behaviour when copying / moving files


I want to copy some mp3 files to a certain directory. I can do this without problems except with files named
00.00.mp3, 00.1.mp3, 00.2.mp3 and so on.

beet wants to copy all files to one file called 00.mp3

I think there is a problem with the dot in the filename.

Is this a known bug/limitation or did I miss something?


Hmm, I don’t think I quite understand… can you elaborate on exactly what commands you’re running and what you’re seeing?

The command was:

beet move -c -p -d ~/ogg -a Language Transfer

And the output was something like this

/home/juh/beet/00.1.mps --> /home/juh/ogg/00.mp3
/home/juh/beet/00.2.mps --> /home/juh/ogg/00.mp3
/home/juh/beet/00.3.mps --> /home/juh/ogg/00.mp3
/home/juh/beet/00.4.mps --> /home/juh/ogg/00.mp3

In the meantime I solved this problem by providing a title before importing the files.

All these files got these strange filenames because the track number field and the title field were empty when I imported the files to beet.

If you cannot reproduce the error, I can try to reimport similar files and see if the problem still occurs.

Ah, yeah, that’s more or less what you should expect when metadata is missing. Beets just has to use fallback values like 00 when there’s no data to fill in the filename template. Fortunately, you’ll note that it does use those .1 and .2 suffixes get added automatically to avoid clobbering files.