Why is it not skipping?

I doing the first big import. Unfortunately the import gets stuck now and then with

Evaluating 5 candidates.

and I manually have to type s and hit <return> despite the option

none_rec_action: skip

being set.

Am I misunderstanding that option?

It’s hard to say (it would require more detail on exactly what you’re expecting and what you’re seeing). But maybe you’re looking for the quiet (-q) option?

It also sounds like you may be running in verbose mode, which can obscure prompts for input.

No quiet option. I am running:

beet -v -c config.yaml import /path/to/music

and for now with a config looking like this:

directory: path/to/music
library: path/to/library.db
per_disc_numbering: yes
original_date: yes
languages: de en
  color: yes

  copy: no
  write: no
  log: beetslog.txt

sort_album: albumartist+ year+ album+ disc+ track+
sort_item: albumartist+ year+ album+ disc+ track+

plugins: fromfilename #fetchart #scrub

  ifempty: yes
  #maxwidth: 1024

none_rec_action: skip

format_item: Bands/$albumartist/$year [$album]/$disc-$track $title
format_album: Bands/$albumartist/$year [$album]/$disc-$track $title
  default: Bands/$albumartist/$year [$album]/$disc-$track $title
  singleton: Singles/$artist - $title
  comp: Compilations/$album/$track $title
  albumtype:soundtrack: Soundtracks/OST $album/$track $title

And indeed - it seems some prompts are obscured. For now I wanted to get rid of all prompts. Hence the skip.

Perhaps we’re miscommunicating, but I was trying to suggest that you use the quiet option. That’s what will disable prompts.

Ah! I totally misread the suggestion about quiet. I can give that a try but shouldn’t this

none_rec_action: skip

do the job? Or is it not doing it’s job because I am running in verbose?
Either ways - it is unexpected.

…and by “quiet” you mean not verbose?

  beet COMMAND [ARGS...]
  beet help COMMAND

                        print with custom format
                        print with custom format
  -l LIBRARY, --library=LIBRARY
                        library database file to use
  -d DIRECTORY, --directory=DIRECTORY
                        destination music directory
  -v, --verbose         log more details (use twice for even more)
  -c CONFIG, --config=CONFIG
                        path to configuration file
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit

No, the --quiet option for the beet import command:

The none_rec_action option only affects some cases: just those where beets is truly confused and has no plausible options to suggest.

OK, that wasn’t so clear from the docs. Seems like I should stick to the command line option here. Thanks!

Now that I’ve gone through the full import - I’ve skipped a bunch.
How do revisit those skipped imports?