Beets skips albums during import

I have tried to import some new ripped albums and during import beets is automatically skipping 3 albums. How can I convince beets to import them?


****/Esbjorn Svensson Trio/E.S.T. Live in Hamburg (06.11.22) (CD1) (5 items)

the strange thing is that CD2 is imported.

***/Marie Spaemann/Gap (14 items)

Hi! It’s hard to say without seeing your configuration. Can you include that?

(You are probably in quiet mode, which tells beets to skip albums that it would otherwise have to ask your permission to import. Or perhaps you’re in incremental mode.)

Hi Adrian,

I am indded in incremental mode, I used the command:
beet import -i /home/matthias/Multimedia/Musik/test

But it is the first time I try to import those albums.

I first saved them in another directory where the problem occured first, then I moved them to the test directory from where I never tried to import them, but beets skipped it also there, even without the -i option. The I moved it to a third directory and from them I could import them without the -i option.

Why didn’t it work with the 2nd directory, what do I oversee?



How about that config?

sorry, below is the config:

and by the way, the directories I tried to import from and the directory where beets is copying the music files are both on a network share (that once made problems when I also had the beets database file on the network share).



directory: ~/Multimedia/Musik/beets
library: ~/.config/beets/beet_music_data.db
verbose: 0
asciify_paths: no
max_filename_length: 0

‘[\/]’: _
^.: _
‘[\x00-\x1f]’: _
‘[<>:"?*|]’: _
.: _ \s+: ‘’
^\s+: ‘’
original_date: no

clutter: [Thumbs.DB, .DS_Store]

plugins: [missing, convert, fetchart, embedart, replaygain]
ignore_hidden: yes

dest: ~/Multimedia/Musik/ogg
format: ogg
embed: no
ogg: ffmpeg -i $source -y -vn -acodec libvorbis -aq 6 $dest
mp3: ffmpeg -i $source -y -vn -acodec mp3 -aq 6 $dest

default: $albumartist/$album%aunique{}/$track $title
singleton: Non-Album/$artist/$title
comp: Compilations/$album%aunique{}/$track $title

format_item: $artist - $album - $title
sort_case_insensitive: yes
art_filename: cover
format_album: $albumartist - $album
path_sep_replace: _

write: yes
copy: yes
move: no
link: no
delete: no
resume: ask
incremental: yes
quiet_fallback: skip
none_rec_action: ask
timid: no
autotag: yes
quiet: no
singletons: no
default_action: apply
languages: []
detail: no
flat: no
group_albums: no
pretend: no
search_ids: []
duplicate_action: ask

sort_album: albumartist+ album+
sort_item: artist+ album+ disc+ track+

strong_rec_thresh: 0.04
medium_rec_thresh: 0.25
rec_gap_thresh: 0.25
missing_tracks: medium
unmatched_tracks: medium
source: 2.0
artist: 3.0
album: 3.0
media: 1.0
mediums: 1.0
year: 1.0
country: 0.5
label: 0.5
catalognum: 0.5
albumdisambig: 0.5
album_id: 5.0
tracks: 2.0
missing_tracks: 0.9
unmatched_tracks: 0.6
track_title: 3.0
track_artist: 2.0
track_index: 1.0
track_length: 2.0
track_id: 5.0
countries: []
media: []
original_year: no
ignored: []
required: []
track_length_grace: 10
track_length_max: 30

statefile: state.pickle
time_format: ‘%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S’
pluginpath: []

ratelimit: 1
ratelimit_interval: 1.0
searchlimit: 5
per_disc_numbering: no
threaded: yes
va_name: Various Artists
id3v23: no

  • .*
  • ‘*~’
  • System Volume Information
  • lost+found

terminal_width: 80
length_diff_thresh: 10.0
color: yes
text_success: green
text_warning: yellow
text_error: red
text_highlight: red
text_highlight_minor: lightgray
action_default: turquoise
action: blue
timeout: 5.0
format_raw_length: no

auto: yes
cautious: yes
cover_names: cover front art album folder back
minwidth: 0
enforce_ratio: 5%
sources: filesystem coverart amazon albumart
google_key: None.
store_source: no

backend: gstreamer
auto: no

Hi! In the future, when you paste stuff, can you please use a Markdown code block? It’s pretty hard to read without that.

I think the next thing to try is temporarily disabling incremental mode to see if that’s the culprit. Also, try running in verbose mode and see if there’s anything useful in there.