Importing skipped albums: incremental_skipped_later not being observed properly?

Hi, I just started using beets and want to import my existing music collection, which is quite large.

My plan is to do two passes: first, import ‘quietly’ to let beets import all albums it can deal with, and skip problematic ones, and then second I will manually go over the skipped albums.

For the first pass, I ran beet import -qil log.txt /my/audio/folder/, and that seemed to work fine: beets imported all it could and skipped problematic ones.

However, for the second pass I tried turning off the quiet flag, expecting beets to only try to import the previously skipped albums: beet import -il log.txt /my/audio/folder/.
However, it just says No files imported from /my/audio/folder, and skips over everything.

Based on the documentation of incremental_skip_later, my understanding is that beets should try to import the skipped albums, since the default value is no:

Either yes or no , controlling whether skipped directories are recorded in the incremental list. When set to yes , skipped directories will be recorded, and skipped later. When set to no , skipped directories won’t be recorded, and beets will try to import them again later. Defaults to no .

Did I misunderstand something? Can someone help with how I should proceed?

Thanks in advance!

Weird! I’m also surprised it worked like that; I would have expected that to work exactly how you wanted it to. This might be a bug—if this is repeatable, can you please file an issue on GitHub?

Thanks for your confirmation of the expected behaviour.
I digged into this further and filed the following issue:

I wish I had discovered this before spending the last 3 days to import my music collection :sweat_smile: