UX Observations from New Users or YouTubers

I found a few videos on Beets by searching like “beets music organizer” “beets music python”. There are at least 2 semi popular setup videos. Does anyone have any observations of when they started using beets? Or know anyone else they introduced beets to, and their experience?

I found one youtuber uses a container maintained by linuxserver.io. And I found they modify config.yaml:

This could be a gotcha depending on how many people install this way.

Observations and paraphrases:

  • Some confusion on how autotagger works (why didn’t Beets detect the filename and use that; except the youtuber didn’t know that was a possibility)
  • Impressed with core autotagger functionality, a lot of the time it works without input
  • My take: ID penalty (MBID?) seems steep for this user; they had title/artist match but I guess there was an MBID already in the tags? Could have been a toy example, an artifact of how he made the video. Penalized -40% and that brought it to manual match territory.
  • autotag can be long
  • you have to babysit it (can we communicate to the user that the autotagger is working on other threads while waiting for input?)
  • not clear he knows the 95% autotag threshold is customizable
  • likes that beets puts albums into their own folder
  • likes merging CDs into one folder (4 CD set into 1 folder)
  • 2 second mention in prior video that beets is easy Ultimate Music Stack: Airsonic, daapd, Beets, Mstream - YouTube
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