Files getting moved but to where?

i have this running as a docker on my unraid server, its seems to be working and doing its job, my music resides at /mnt/user/music and I just want to have everything organised in its current directory, I haven’t changed the config and its seeing my music and asking questions and its letting me apply changes but it seems to be removing the tracks from thier folders but they are not being placed anywhere i can see…any idea what i am doing wrong ? I started the process with…

beet import /music

The default directory is ~/Music. I strongly recommend reading the “getting started” guide:

Is that to say I need to capitalise the ‘m’ on my /mnt/user/music directory and would doing so upset my categories in sab to download music to there ?

Hmm… I don’t quite understand your question, but I think it depends on whether your filesystem is case-sensitive?

What I mean is, prior to installing beets on my unraid server my music directory is /mnt/user/music, lower case m. And my goal is to tag etc to the same directory, not tag and move to another folder.

The Getting Started guide gently recommends against rearranging music “in place” because it can be difficult to tell which files have been processed so far. One option is to turn the “move” and “copy” options off for now to leave files exactly where they are. You can always use beet move to update the names later.

i find these things quite cryptic, lol. What your saying seems contradictory, your saying that it is not advisory to rename/tag in place (the same folder my music is at) and then saying to turn off options so as to leave the files exactly where they are, that is in actual fact my goal, it must be seeing my /mnt/user/music directory as it is asking me to select options and it is physically taking the files from the folder

What’s not recommended is renaming or copying files from directory A back to directory A.

What is recommended is turning off copying & renaming altogether.

Have you read the bullet points under “Configuring” in the Getting Started guide?

Yes, i did read, litterally the basics as that is what i want to start with, i looked to toward the config YAML and it said that it would be empty if at all present, the one that is with my docker seems to be present and populated