Using own tags of Musicbrainz database + setting per_disc_numbering depending on genre?


beets is a great tool, that I just discovered a week ago, but I already used it to rearrange my complete library.
Most stuff I could solve by myself, but 2 questions remain for now, and I hope I’ll get some answers here:

  1. Via Picard I’ll use my own genre tags, that I set on the musicbrainz website. Can I configure beets as well to use the genre tags from my personalized musicbrainz account? I found the musicbrainz plugin, which allows to manage your collection there, but didn’t see any option to use the personal genre tags…

  2. I would like to set the per_disc_numbering option depending on the genre tag. I tried it with the inline plugin, but it doesn’t seem to work. Do you have an idea how to make it work

here you see the inline code, I tried in my config.yaml:

per_disc_numbering: |
if genre == “Kinder”:
my_per_disc_numbering = no
my_per_disc_numbering = yes
return my_per_disc_numbering

Thanks for any hints.

Best regards,


Hello, and welcome to beets!

Unfortunately, I don’t think either of these is currently possible.

  1. I’m actually not familiar with the concept of “personal” genre tags on MusicBrainz. Can you link to more information about them, and perhaps to where they are exposed in the MusicBrainz API?
  2. per_disc_numebering is a global flag, so it can’t be changed for individual albums.

Sorry for the disappointment!

Thanks for the veeery quick answers.

At least I looked thoroughly and couldn’t find answer to my issues. Maybe I have to code a plugin myself :wink:

A documentation about the genre tags can be found here:

This is a great feature I already use for years.

The per_disc_numbering would be great to change for Audiobooks, but then I’ll have to set it manually. Is it possible to do it on commandline?

Thanks again.

One option would be to have a second config file that just contains hat option. You can then use the -c flag to add that configuration file when you’re importing audiobooks.