Musicbrainz: genres yes, but not updating

Newbie here: I imported many albums and it was good. Then I discovered the following option

I enabled it in my config like this.

    genres: yes

and then I would import an album again to update the genres

beet import -w -L <artist> <album>

But when I view the files in Picard, no updates to genres. (And Picard’s MB genres are pulling in new ones). The release doesn’t have genres, but the release group does. It looks like beets parses both of them.

Should I be running a different command?

To the best of my knowledge this doesn’t work yet because the MusicBrainz library Beets uses doesn’t support it yet. See Add genre support using musicbrainz tags. by aereaux · Pull Request #3781 · beetbox/beets · GitHub

This makes me wonder, is GitHub - alastair/python-musicbrainzngs: Python bindings for Musicbrainz' NGS webservice abandonware? The last commit was in Aug. 2020.