+ Symlinks library


I plan to create a huge music library to share with my roommates and share with them, however, I would like to organize it the following way.

Music/Artists which contains all the actual files
Music/Years/XXXX which contains symlinks to albums that have such year in it’s tags
Music/Genres/foo and so on…

Is there a way to accomplish such a thing?

If not, it would be awesome if we could config beet like this, somehow

paths: link: "Years":%year%/%the{$albumartist}/$albumartist - $album%aunique{}/$track - $artist - $title "Genres": .....
or something like this.

What are your thoughts? I know beets has a very good command line list, but I think something like this would also be a good addiction

Interesting proposal! This old idea also seems relevant, in that it also proposes having multiple symlinked locations for the same music: https://github.com/beetbox/beets/issues/153