Singletons and Kodi

Hi, I love beets, but I am having trouble using it with Kodi as a player for singletons.
Kodi reads the album tags from the singletons in the non-album folder and creates a new album for each of these. So, you end up with an annoyingly large number of “single-song” albums in Kodi.
Kodi suggests to remove album tags from these singles / singletons and then treats them as singles (as discussed here).
I have tried manually removing albums tag by beet modify title:"foo" album="" for a couple of singletons. So far, I haven’t really run into any issues, but I don’t really feel comfortable with this yet. Are there problems to be expected down the road? Ideas?




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That seems reasonable! You can even do this in one fell swoop with something like:

beet modify singleton:true album=
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Excellent! I wasn’t aware of the singleton:true option. Thanks!

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