How to set album name in singletons

Hello! I’m really enjoying my experience using beets (only a few days, but this is really huge!)

I’m trying to set the “album” field to the “title” of the song in my singletons, just for showing it in my main Navidrome album’s view.


beet modify album='$title' path:/mnt/storage/data/media/music/Non-Album/

sets album to “$title” literally. If I use this

beet modify album=$title path:/mnt/storage/data/media/music/Non-Album/

error: no modifications specified

So, what am I doing wrong? What is the correct sintaxis to set my tracks titles as album titles too in singletons?

Whenever you use $ on the shell, it will be interpreted by the shell itsefl. That’s one thing I notice here. Your second command can’t work in any case. That is for sure. So if you would like to pass the $ character to beets, you would need to put it into single quotes (which you did in your first command)

About your first command I’m not sure if that is supposed to work either…maybe wait for somebody else for an answer :slight_smile: HTH

The only idea I have is to script it using something like this as a basis:

beet ls -f '$title' search terms and then somehow pass that to beet modify - but that sounds pretty complicated…

or retag to singletons using Discogs with this new feature I’m working on at the moment. It writes album information: Support providing album information on singleton imports by JOJ0 · Pull Request #4717 · beetbox/beets · GitHub

You can do this using formatted modify (same syntax as your first command) but it’s only available in the source version of beets currently.

Hello and thank you!

I’m in Archlinux, so I did yay -S beets-git.

And now it works doing just

beet modify album='$title' path:/mnt/storage/data/media/music/Non-Album/

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