Rewrite plugin adding [album] to path

I have one album that matches the rewrite rules and artist is updated how I would want. But [album] is added to the album section of the path. If I disable rewrite, then [album] doesn’t show up again.

beet move -p

/storage/media/Music/The Juliana Hatfield Three/Become What You Are/The Juliana Hatfield Three - Become What You Are - 01 - Supermodel.mp3
  -> /storage/media/Music/Juliana Hatfield/Become What You Are [album]/Juliana Hatfield - Become What You Are [album] - 01 - Supermodel.mp3


    default: $albumartist/$album%aunique{}/%if{$multidisc,CD $disc/}$artist - $album%aunique{} - $track - $title

    artist the juliana hatfield three: Juliana Hatfield

Has anyone seen this happen before?

It seems like this is probably coming from %aunique{}? Do you have other albums with the same artist and title in your library?