File album made under artist alias name under artist

Hi, I’m sure I read somewhere (docs or forum) that this is possible, but I can’t seem to find the info back.

I would like to file an album by “Dunderhead/Tom Jenkinson” (who goes nowadays under the name Squarepusher) under the artist folder “Squarepusher” without altering the albumartist.

Thanks for a pointer.
best, Jan

A custom field is probably the simplest for this.

Not tried this myself, but you should be able to set your path format to something like this:

  default: %ifdef{albumartistfolder,$albumartistfolder,$albumartist}/$album/$track $title

And then set albumartistfolder on any albums you’re interested in:

beet modify -a albumartistfolder="My Artist" <query>

After that, I think a beet move <query> should move the files to their new location.

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@jackwilsdon thanks for your reply, that looks great but if I read this well this creates an additional folder under the artist like
is that right?

What I was looking for is that the album just goes under Squarepusher. I’m aware that that way I use a visual cue that this was made under an alias, but that info is still in the file meta data.

What I remember to have read is that I could put in my config a section that if a name matches “artistalias” it goes under “artist”. Does that ring a bell?

Ah, it’s possible that you’re thinking of the rewrite plugin?

Yes that was it. Thanks @adrian