Renaming folder by personal preference?

So sometimes my folders containing the album might not be the way I want it.

I want it to be something like this:

$artist - $album_name - $year

And I want the separators to be the -

Which plugins do I need to install? And is it possible to make this a setting in the config file?

The paths configuration option (also see Path Formats) should let you set up the album folders how you want:

    default: $albumartist - $album - $year/$track $title

This will affect all of your music, I don’t believe there’s an option for changing this on a per-album basis.

why is there the / symbol there?

I get that the first line does change the album folder name, and does that mean the options after / defines the song’s name?

So yes I am pretty sure that is what it does in the config. setting the individual song’s name.

I used this config line:

    default: $albumartist - $album - $year/$track - $title - $artis

And imported an album folder that was previously there, yet the year was not added to the album folder, do you know why is that?


beet import album1/

Was the album already imported? If you want to move your already-imported music, use beet move (preferably with -p initially to see what beets will do).