Resuming import starts over : not using state.pickle?


I have a quite large library (around 80000 tracks).
Right now it’s stored on a NAS and the share is mounted (NFS) on linux.

I installed beets (2.0 with pipx install) on linux and I try to autotag and maybe netter organize my library.

I figured I would start with what’s OK first, then deal with what need my input.

So I started with :slight_smile: # beet import -ql /home/glitch/beet/LOG /mnt/music

After a few hours it crashed.

So I issued # beet import -pql /home/glitch/beet/LOG /mnt/music

The problem is that beets crashed around letter G in my library, and when it resumes it starts from “Al” (meaning not the beginning but close to).

I read the the resuming process is based on the file state.pickle.

So I checked that file and it seems it’s not modified anymore.

I tried a resume today, still started from “Al”, I let it run a few albums ok, a few albums skipped, and I stopped the process with Ctrl-C.

Then I checked again the “state.pickl” file, and it appears it has not been modified since yesterday. Which makes me think the file isn’t modified and as suche the resuming can’t be effective if based on this file.

My config file for beets contains :slight_smile: directory: /mnt/music
library: /home/glitch/beet/musiclibrary.db
copy: no
plugins: duplicates ftintitle scrub

Any clue anyone?

no one??
Its really a pain in the a…