Skip reimporting folders after deleting state.pickle

During an important, I believe beets skipped over a few albums but is recognized by state.pickle that it’s been imported. I know it’s not been imported by running beet list query. One of the approaches I’ve been taking is making a backup of state.pickle, importing said albums, then putting back state.pickle.

This could be tedious, but not sure if there is a recommended approach. One of those approaches I thought of was deleting state.pickle and running beet import . on my collection, but that would mean that beets would reimport things I don’t need reimported.

Any suggestions?


Hi Jef,

If I well understood your issue, you can force the (re)import of specific paths using the -I option, which switches off the incremental feature of the import, i.e. beet does not look at the pickle state.


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Wow… That makes a whole lot of sense.

Thanks @_fe!