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Hi! I want ask community a little question! Can i play delete and rate music on the fly with this product? I want sort 300 Gb of music, and in searching of best product for it. Please advice me yes or no. Thank you! Have a nice day!

What a strange question! Can you elaborate at all about what exactly you’d like beets to do? Maybe tell us a story with examples?

Thank you for your fast response!
I always sorted the music with winamp and mediamonkey
I’ve been working on linux for last years and want to find a convenient replacement
Need on the fly at listening comfortably to give a rating to tracks, to delete them from a disk and in the future to put tracks in order in the hierarchy of folders

probably I’d better look in the direction of gui players, and beets use for tags and file names?

Yep! That’s what I’d do—beets is really a library organizer, not a player. It plays nicely with other music players.

As beets and mpd/mpc is a good match, I’d use mpdfavd and some simple shell script. With mpc you can get the full file path to what you’re listening to, so it’s easy to delete. And as it is annoying to open some terminal for every rate/delete, I’d bind some keyboard shortcuts to my window manager so, e. g. I would press F1 to rate it and F9 to delete it. So you can do real work while procrastinating.

Hope that helps.

cool! sounds nice! i’m newbe in programming, will try to resolve it

Here, I wrote you a little script.

It’s a good way to start to learn some programming. With a little bit of trying you may be able to figure it out and change it to your liking or so that it works for you at all. You don’t need mpdfavd for that. It’s bare-bones, untested, but I guess combined with some global hotkeys (look at xbindkeys) it could do be helpful to you.

All the actions apply to the currently running song. Rating go from 0 to 5.

To rate:

./sort-rate-delete.sh rate 3

To get the rating:

./sort-rate-delete.sh rating

To sort it:

./sort-rate-delete.sh sort

To delete it:

./sort-rate-delete.sh delete

Hi! Thank you for script. I am trying to do it better for me

no user configuration found at /home/jungo/.config/beets/config.yaml
data directory: /home/jungo/.config/beets
plugin paths:
Sending event: pluginload
library database: /home/jungo/workfiles/music/sorted/sorted.db
library directory: /home/jungo/workfiles/music/sorted
Sending event: library_opened
error: no such file or directory: /20170907/Andra - Lie To Me-f6tU6BfnWEI.mp3

but the problem that i want preserve directory structure such as in unsorted folder
some part of my collection without tags
can you help me again?
i am tried to rsync it but no luck has been goted