Is there something customizable like beets but with a GUI?

I just tried beets, including the web interface, which is unfortunately too spartan (just search library + play/download track). I think beets itself can do what I want to do if I learn to master it, but the necessity of CLI use makes it burdensome.

I’m interested in having a music collection manager that would also act as a “ratings journal” of anything I’ve listened to. Requirements:

  1. Be a crossplatform (Linux/Win) GUI app, or a SELF-HOSTED webapp
  2. Save my “collection” data to a local DB, not on the Internet
  3. Let me add albums/tracks to my collection, including matching to MusicBrainz DB, even if the release is not on the computer. The idea is, it’s not just what I have, but also a repository of my reviews about a song or album. I might give a good rating to a movie soundtrack I heard at the cinema but it didn’t come out yet. Or simply want to give a low rating to music I don’t ever want to listen to again.
  4. Here’s where it gets hard: let me easily assign custom rating categories to a track or whole album. For example, a track could have Rating_Beat=10, Rating_Lyrics=4.
  5. Be able to query by a given rating. For example, “show all tracks sorted by Rating_Lyrics score descending”.
  6. Let me assign multiple custom genres to a track or album. For example, DarkCinematic+Atmospheric. Let me search “show me all tracks that are Atmospheric, sorted by Rating_Beat first”.
  7. Simple one: provide a way to find all tracks for which I added my custom ratings. This is just so I don’t lose track of custom data. I’m happy with naming every single tag MYNAME_tag, and search for anything that begins with MYNAME, this seems like it would be a feasible workaround for any app.

What’s out there?

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It would be cool to hear if there’s anything people know about! One tool that’s similar in spirit is Quod Libet:

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Plex, Subsonic, Synology AudioStation, Roon, Bliss. Beets is great the way it is. The CLI is what makes it special. It’s for managing files and metadata, not collections. Adrian, please, keep it this way.