Query Album Info in Terminal

I’m currently working on a project that needs to query the album info from Musicbrainz. Specifically, I’m looking to take something like the following data that can be found in Picard under the album info section:

Album: The Sun Dogs
Artist: Rose Windows

1 The Sun Dogs I: Spirit Modules - Rose Windows (4:00)
2 Native Dreams - Rose Windows (6:18)
3 Heavenly Days - Rose Windows (3:36)
4 Walkin’ With a Woman - Rose Windows (7:16)
5 Season of Serpents - Rose Windows (3:58)
6 Wartime Lovers - Rose Windows (3:58)
7 Indian Summer - Rose Windows (4:14)
8 This Shroud - Rose Windows (9:42)
9 The Sun Dogs II: Coda - Rose Windows (6:18)

I’d like to either save this info as a text file or parse it directly to grab track count and track lengths. Ideally this would be done at the command line (the part that led me to Beets). Does anyone know if this is possible in Beets or if there is a plugin that might work?

I’m using Ubuntu for this project.