Newbie: modify but not moved

I had imported a directory which resulted in two directories being created because one file had a different album title tag. I thought to merge all these files into one album by querying and using the modify command:

beet modify "album:XYZ abc" -a -m album="XYZ"

Unfortunately I’ve ended up in a situation where the paths for the files are still not the same but the tags are correct:

$ beet ls "album:XYZ"
Artist - XYZ - Track 1
Artist - XYZ - Track 2
Artist - XYZ - Track 3
$ beet ls "album:XYZ" -p
/path/to/music/XYZ [34]/01 Track 1.mp3
/path/to/music/XYZ [34]/02 Track 2.mp3
/path/to/music/XYZ [34]/03 Track 3.mp3

What have I done wrong and how can I repair this situation?

Can you try beet move album:XYZ?

Sure, I just end up with:

$ beet move "album:XYZ"
Moving 0 items (3 already in place).

Hmm, that’s odd. How about beet ls -a album:XYZ? I assume there will be two album entries—you can beet rm -a one of them.