Is there a way to force certain tags on import?

As a music geek, my collection has multiple version of an album in. For artists I really like, I may have multiple versions.

As an example, today I ripped and imported the 2008 remaster of the Moody Blues album Long Distance Voyager. In order to distinguish between the two versions, after import, I will modify the album tag using beet modify -a /path/to/album album="Long Distance Voyager (2008 Remaster)".

I have paths setup to name the directory the way I want for multiple versions, but it doesn’t change the album name to what I want.

Is there a way to import an album, but specify what one of the tags should be?

Does beet import --set field=value achieve what you’re looking for?

I shall need to test that! I’ll get back to you.

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--set is indeed just the right feature, but it also seems like modify -a should do the trick too… it could be worth checking with beet ls -a that the path you’ve entered is matching the album you want. (You may want to try a metadata query instead of a path query, like album:'Long Distance Voyager' year:2008.

I’ve been using modify -a after import and it has worked well. But if I can do it during the import, all the better.