New problem with chroma fingerprint matching

Good day. I’ve suddenly got an odd problem. I’ve been using beets for about a year with pretty much no issues once I figured out how to really use it. I am running Ubuntu 20.04 with a Docker container using the linuxserver/beets image. I think it was on Friday that I started getting this error when importing:

chroma: fingerprint matching b’/downloads/A/Benedictine Monks/Benedictine Monks Of Santo Domingo De Silos - - 00 - .mp3’ failed: response is not valid JSON

I have spent my weekend trying to figure out what could have changed. I was working on some other things and did a couple of updates so likely that’s where I screwed something up. I haven’t touched my beets configuration, however.

Here is my config.yaml:

plugins: the fetchart embedart convert scrub replaygain lastgenre chroma web discogs
directory: /music
library: /config/musiclibrary.blb
art_filename: albumart
threaded: yes
original_date: no
per_disc_numbering: no

auto: yes
ffmpeg: /usr/bin/ffmpeg
opts: -ab 320k -ac 2 -ar 48000
max_bitrate: 320
threads: 1
never_convert_lossy_files: yes

default: %the{$albumartist}/$original_year - $album%aunique{} [%upper{$albumtype}]/$track - $title ($bitrate)
singleton: “#Non-Album/$artist - $title”
comp: “#Compilations/%the{$albumartist}/$original_year - $album%aunique{} [%upper{$albumtype}]/$track - $title ($bitrate)”
albumtype_soundtrack: Soundtracks/%the{$album}/$track - $title ($bitrate)


write: yes
copy: no
move: yes
resume: ask
incremental: yes
quiet_fallback: skip
timid: no
log: /config/beet.log

auto: yes
source: album

auto: yes

auto: yes

auto: no

auto: yes

‘^.’: _
‘[\x00-\x1f]’: _
‘[<>:"?*|]’: _
‘[\xE8-\xEB]’: e
‘[\xEC-\xEF]’: i
‘[\xE2-\xE6]’: a
‘[\xF2-\xF6]’: o
‘[\xF8]’: o
‘.': _ '\s+’: ‘’

port: 8337

Any clue where I should be looking to sort this out?

I should have added, this is how I’m calling beets

docker exec -u abc -it beets /bin/bash -c “beet -vv import /downloads/A”

Hello! I think the Acoustid servers may be having problems. See this thread, for example:

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That was it! Working perfectly today. Thank you very much for the response. I spend so much time screwing stuff up that I always figure I’ve done it yet again. :smile: