Auto-tagger penalty

Hello together,

several albums in my library have a mixed naming. That is, wrong track_name and track_id. But since the album is known and the track_length, beets should be able to tagg properly.
What is the way to go?
Acutally I run beets without chroma plugin (WSL2 crashes with chroma) and I wanted to go with the penalty in the config.yaml
track_length: low

Turns out that this does not work. See attached figure.

Can anybody give me a short hint?

Thanks in advance

Sorry for the disappointing answer, but the situation you’re looking at really wants fingerprinting. I would figure out how to run chroma if I were you.

You could also adjust the undocumented matching weight settings to make track length matter more than titles, but that will likely cause other problems for other albums.

Thanks for the quick response. I will run the tagging on a native linux machine.

Quick note: Fingerprinting via chroma plugin does the job, IF fingerprint exists in the acoustid database.