Plugin Basics

I’m really liking beets, but I need a little help getting thew plugs working.
I’m on a raspberry pi
Beet Version gives me:

beets version 1.4.9
Python version 2.7.9
plugins: chroma, missing

config.yaml is:
directory: /mnt/usb/disk1/music
library: /mnt/usb/disk1/beetsdb/musiclibrary.db

move: no
copy: yes
resume: yes
from_scratch: yes
log: /mnt/usb/disk2/beetslog.txt

plugins: chroma missing

auto: y

format: $albumartist - $album - $title
count: yes
total: no
default: /mnt/usb/disk1/music/$genre/$albumartist/$album/$track $title
singleton: /mnt/usb/disk1/music/Non-Album/$artist - $title
comp: /mnt/usb/disk1/music/$genre/$album/$track $title
albumtype:soundtrack: /mnt/usb/disk1/music/Soundtracks/$album/$track $title

If I type: sudo beet missing -a
I get:
error: unknown command ‘missing’

Same with sudo beet fingerprint
error: unknown command ‘fingerprint’

I’m sure I have something wrong. Just not sure what it is.

Thanks in advance for the remedial tutoring.

Is there any reason you’re using sudo before your commands? Try calling without sudo.

Alternatively, try making your call something like:

beet -c /path/to/config.yaml missing

In order to make sure you’re picking up the config.yaml

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beet version is also a good way to check which plugins loaded, and beet -v version shows you where the configuration is being loaded from.

Thank you both.
I’ve been using sudo because my linux skills aren’t that great, and I was trying to make it work easier…
of course, it worked instantly when I didn’t use it. Now to chown my output directory!