New plugin ready: selectivetagging

i’ve just finished up a rough working version of a plugin that allows you to selectively choose which tags to over-write (based on your existing ID3 tag metadata) on import. it’s a little rough around the edges but so far it’s working well for me. the github repo is here:

currently there are no command-line options, so you have to set it up using the config file. there are example configs for all options in the config_examples folder. here are a couple usage examples:

# example: only allow empty tags to be overwritten
  only_empty_tags: yes

# example: only allow whitelisted tags to be overwritten
  whitelist_tags: artist album year label title

# example: do not allow blacklisted tags to be overwritten
  blacklist_tags: genre year

note that you can also combine only_empty_tags with either whitelist_tags or blacklist_tags to get the exact combination you want.

i had some trouble getting the code to work with singletons, so this plugin won’t work on singletons currently. would appreciate getting some advice on that if someone can help. i have read all the docs and tried several coding variations to no avail.

also i don’t understand how to enable the config options on the command-line during the import process. would appreciate advice on that also. i have read all the docs on this too.

i hope people get some good use out of this. and let me know if you have any suggestions for improvement or additions to the config options.

for your consideration: @burkhard @firewater @dudido @unnilennium

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Thanks, Matt. Flexibility is always good, though I can hardly see how selective tagging may be useful to me. My main use for beets is to enforce uniformity MusicBrainz-style.

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@xyuusha this wasn’t the exact scenario you described in post Field overriding but i think it will solve your particular problem