Can I tell beets to whitelist/blacklist certain tag fields?

There are a lot of tags that I don’t want in my music that beets seems to sync by default. For example, on one of the songs in my library, there is ALBUM ARTIST, ALBUMARTIST, ALBUMARTIST_CREDIT, ALBUMARTISTSORT, ARTIST, ARTIST_CREDIT, and ARTISTSORT. These are all the exact same value. All I need is one tag for album artist and one tag for artist. There are also many tags that exist but are empty, such as ARRANGER and ENCODER.

I also like my track numbers to be padded with zeros (01, 02, 03, etc), but it appears that by default, beets does (1\1, 2\2, etc). Is there any way to change this?

Hi! Have you tried the zero plugin?

There’s not currently a way to add padding to the way tracks are stored in files. In some formats, it’s not even possible—i.e., when the number is stored as an actual integer, not a string.

btw it’s weird that albumartist and albumartist_sort have the same value

The particular artist does not have a name that needed to be changed (ex. The Smiths -> Smiths, The). There would be some cases where it would be different, but I figured why keep the tag if it’s not one of the cases