Request for help: pull request review backlog!

Following up on my efforts to avoid being a single point of failure for the beets project, here’s a call for help from the community! We have something of a backlog of really awesome pull requests that need some love & attention before they can be merged. I’m putting them here instead of in my personal to-do list—which still means I might get around to it myself, but I’d love help from anyone willing to do a careful review!

  • A new ffmpeg backend for ReplayGain. (I’m super excited about this because it will make RG easier to use—almost everyone already has ffmpeg or can easily install it!)
    • The main PR is #3056.
    • A follow-up fixes the target level config story: #3065.
  • Support for item queries that match on their associated album metadata: #2988
  • A new UI for the web plugin: #3079
  • We need a more generic, flexible, dict-style replacement for TrackInfo.
    • #2654 is a good start but is a little too expansive and needs to be pared down to focus on the basics.
    • Other relevant issues: #1547 and #2650
  • Multi-valued tags (this is a big one!!): #2503
  • mbweb, a super cool new plugin that lets you search for and select MusicBrainz matches in a browser (like Picard does): #2327

Sorry to bump my own post, but we could really use some help with thoughtful reviewing on this awesome ReplayGain PR: