Multiple Versions of an album

Noob here.

I was hoping to organize my albums by albumartist/Albums/(OriginalYear) Album/Track - Title

My main issue is when I have multiple versions of( an album (e.g. original release, remaster, anniversary editions, box sets)

I would like to nest all versions within the (OriginalYear) Album folder

For example:

(1969) Abbey Road/(198710.20) Abbey Road (CD, 077774644624)
(1969) Abbey Road/(2009.09.09) Abbey Road (2009 Stereo Remaster) (CD, 094638246824)
(1969) Abbey Road/(2019.09.27) Abbey Road (Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition) (CD, 0602577921124)

I understand that I could set it in the config to nest this path but I ONLYwant this for when I have multiple versions of an album.

Is this even possible? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Yes! Please check out the %aunique path function in the docs.


Thanks for the tip and the incredible software.

If I’m understanding this correctly the %aunique will help automatically nest the multiple versions of the same album while ignoring the nested folder if I only have one version?

Yep! That’s it.