Deluxe versions of albums?

I presume there is an obvious solution to this question…

How do I stop Beets from renaming folder names?
For example, if my folder i’m importing is called “5AM (Deluxe)”, how do I stop Beets from stripping the Deluxe from the folder name?

The problem I’m having is that I have multiple versions of the same album and want to import them all, however Beets is saying I have duplicates.

Beets wants to generate all your filenames based on information from the database. So the “Beets Way” to do this would be to use %aunique:

Or directly include something like $albumdisambig in your path settings.

Thanks Adrian.

I’ve read the relevant part of the manual, however practically I don’t understand how to implement this…

Could you give me a practical usage that would achieve what I’m after?

Hmm… maybe start by just putting $albumdisambig in your path format configuration? It might help to see what the entries on MusicBrainz look like to check whether the album disambiguation string contains what you expect.

How does Beets know what to use though?
What happens if an artist has two albums of the same name and one is the “extended” version for example?

I feel like i’m missing something obvious here…

The data comes from MusicBrainz. So if MusicBrainz has “Deluxe” in the album disambiguation field, then beets will be able to use it. You can find out by looking around in the MusicBrainz web interface or by using something like beet ls -af '$albumdisambig' locally.