Modifying Albums Secondary Type

How do I modify the secondary album type for an album I’ve imported?

I’m new to beets, so this may already be in the documentation but I’m not seeing it. I see the “modify” command ( and also the fields available ( My assumption is that I could then issue a command

beet modify -a {ALBUM_NAME} albumtype="Compliation"

I am hesitant on this though because MusicBrainz list the ablumtype as “Album + Compliation”. Should I use that or is “Compliation” OK?

Side question, if it’s easy, how do I list out all the metadata beets has for an ablum? (Edit: Looks like the info plugin is what I may need)

Yep, that’s what you want! Comprehensively tracking “secondary album types” is a work in progress for beets:

Sounds good. I’ll work now at just defining the top level albumtype and not try to organize based off of primary + secondary. Thanks!