About albumtypes etc

Hello. I’m trying to get things in his place, and I’m getting some trouble with concepts, I thing.

I have this config:

directory: /mnt/storage/data/media/music
library: /mnt/main/data/beets/musiclibrary.db
plugins: fetchart lyrics lastgenre albumtypes discogs fromfilename chroma duplicates info
    default: Album/$albumartist/$album%aunique{} [$year]/$track - $title
    singleton: Non-Album/$artist/$title
    comp: Compilations/$album%aunique{} [$year]$atypes/$track - $artist - $title
    albumtype:soundtrack: Soundtracks/$album [$year]$atypes/$track - $title
        - ep: 'EP'
        - single: 'Single'
        - soundtrack: 'OST'
        - live: 'Live'
        - compilation: 'Anthology'
        - remix: 'Remix'
    ignore_va: compilation
    bracket: '[]'
    user_token: xxxxxxxxxxxx
    index_tracks: yes
    source_weight: 0.5

Then, some OST are in “Compilations” directory. Ok, maybe albumtype is messed up. So I did
beet modify -a "Pulp Fiction" albumtype=soundtrack albumtypes=soundtrack atypes=[OST]
beets answer

Modifying 1 albums.
Various Artists - Pulp Fiction: Music From the Motion Picture
  atypes: [OST]
Really modify, move and write tags? (Yes/no/select) yes

Then I do beet update (unnecessary) and beet move

But Pulp Fiction OST keeps its place in “Compilations”.

The doubt is: how to get this OST and all other that are in Compilations to move into Soundtracks directory?

Try the comp field. Usually that is the one referred to in your path config comp: Compilations/....

Try disabling it on your soundtracks:

beet modify -a comp=0 some soundtrack album

Usually comp is set on import as provided by the metadata source you are useing (MusicBrainz, Discogs, …) and might not always be what the user wants…

Thank you! it works!

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