Modify saved in config?

Newbie to Beets. There are fields I want to add or change from the MusicBrainz data. I found the modify command which seems like the right one to use after I import.

Can I save a list of modify commands to my config so they will always be run when I import a matching album? Or should I just save a bash script with all the modify commands I use on my library? Or…?

There are a couple plugins that can do this. beets-rules is no longer maintained. The modifyonimport plugin at GitHub - kergoth/beets-kergoth: Personal collection of beets plugins will work, though I don’t love some things about it at this point… beets-kergoth/modifyonimport.rst at master · kergoth/beets-kergoth · GitHub shows how to configure it. I haven’t had time to do a recent release of beets-kergoth, so I think you’ll need to git clone it and add its beets plug dir to your pluginpath (see the beet docs). I apologize for that, I’ll push out a release as soon as I get the time. Let me know if you try it and have any issues.