Beets-kergoth plugins packaged

My random collection of personal plugins now lives in the beets-kergoth project at pypi and github. In the future I’ll be splitting off some of this into separate pypi projects, and submitting some of it to the core, and I still need to add its very minimal docs to, but this works for now, and is at least split out from my config files and scripts.


This is my personal collection of beets plugins that
are not currently being distributed separately.

Generally useful plugins

These plugins I consider to be useful in general and polished enough
that I intend to either submit them upstream to beets or split off into
separate projects / python packages.

  • The Alias Plugin lets you define command aliases,
    much like git, and also makes available any beet-prefixed commands
    in your PATH as well.
  • The Import Inspect Plugin lets you inspect
    the metadata changes to be applied when importing.
  • The Modify On Import Plugin lets you
    define metadata changes to occur on import when the specified
    queries match.
  • The Replace Format Plugin defines format
    functions for search/replace of text, both single replacements and
    applications of a set of replacements like the built in replace
    configuration option.
  • The Saved Formats Plugin lets you define
    saved, named format strings by storing them in fields for later
  • The Saved Queries Plugin lets you save
    queries by name for later use.

Special Purpose plugins

These plugins are useful to me, but probably not to anyone else.

  • The musicsource plugin just forces me to define a source field
    when importing new music, as this is how I organize my library.
    source is where the music was acquired, e.g. Amazon, iTunes,
    Google, etc.
  • The picard plugin lets me launch MusicBrainz Picard with the items
    I’m importing, either to use it to tag rather than beets, or as an
    inspection tool to examine its metadata. This assumes a picard
    beets command exists, as this is how it runs it.
  • The reimportskipfields plugin lets you specify fields from
    set_fields to also be applied to skipped items on reimport. I use
    this to facilitate resuming from a reimport, as it lets me apply a
    reimported field to anything I tried to reimport, whether I was
    able to match it to a candidate or not.

Prototype / Proof of Concept plugins

These plugins were thrown together in experimentation. Some may be worth
cleaning up, but others are useful pretty rarely.

  • The abcalc plugin performs the same calculation as absubmit, but
    runs it only against non-MusicBrainz tracks, and stores the low
    level values rather than submitting them. I’ve used this to
    populate the acoustic fingerprint tags for use by external
    de-duplication scripts.
  • The existingqueries plugin adds a couple queries that originated
    in the beets source.
  • The hasart plugin adds a query to check for embedded album art.
  • The inlinehook plugin lets you define hooks inline in config.yaml
    with python, much the way inline does for fields.
  • The last_import plugin keeps track of the most recently imported
    items with a flexible field.
  • The modifytmpl plugin lets you define fields using templates /
    format strings. This will be going upstream into the main modify
  • The otherqueries plugin defines other random queries of
    questionable usefulness at this time.
  • The spotifyexplicit plugin uses the spotify plugin to look up
    items from my library, determines if Spotify considers these items
    as explicit tracks (Parental Advisory), and prints them if so. I use
    this to set an advisory field on my tracks.

The Import Inspect plugin looks great. It would be great if some of these packages are separately available or part of the core - I am definitely interested in Import Inspect.

Apologies, I’ve been meaning to split this up for ages, I’ll see if I can find the time in the near future.

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