Is it possible to use the modify command to copy data between fields?

Hi, just started using Beets and it’s amazing! I want to reorganize my music collection and was hoping to use beets to copy information in one field to another.

I found a solution, not sure if there is a more elegant way.

  1. export the tag information you need

beet ls -f ‘$id,$albumartist’ genre:classical > tag_export.csv

2 run this bash script below

#! /bin/bash
while IFS=“,” read -r ID TEXT
beet modify -y comment=“$TEXT” id:“$ID”
done < tag_export.csv

It sounds like you’re looking for formatted modify. It was added here - you can try it out by installing the latest source version of beets.

Thanks, that was exactly what I was looking for. Formatted modify is really great feature. Thanks again.