Lyrics plugin quality

I’ve just removed all the lyrics tags from my collection. I had obtained them from a foobar2000 plugin that fetched them from all sorts of sources. The reason I removed them is that there was a lot of garbage text, a lot of non-standard stuff, like lyrics starting with

[Artist: The Beatles] [Song: A Day in the Life]

or worse, just absolute garbage text like

lyrics lyrics kent hagnesta hill lyrics find

Which were obviously the result of the foobar’s google plugin failing to find a decent match and just forcing its way into whatever came up first.

My question is - how much better is the beets plugin for lyrics? I’m particularly interested on whether I should enable the google source or not. I have a lot of obscure music I suppose the mainstream sources won’t have in their database, but I also really don’t want garbage text like that in place of the actual lyrics ever again.

My config is

     auto: yes
     google_API_key: [redacted]
     fallback: ''

and I never get garbage.

Cool! I’ll take your word on it. Just wanted to have some sort of reference before running it on a large collection.

Not sure I understand the fallback: '' option, though. From the documents:

fallback: By default, the file will be left unchanged when no lyrics are found. Use the empty string ‘’ to reset the lyrics in such a case. Default: None.

If I want to lyrics tag to be written if no lyrics are found, should I have that or not?

You’ll want to set that to ''.

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