Lyrics missing lyrics

In beets , I come across something strange .According to all my music programmes , certain songs have lyrics .
But now I use the following string
han@han-iMac:~$ beet ls lyrics::^$

Then I get to see the songs that do not contain lyrics , but I am sure that for example the songs of Armand and Joan Baez contain lyrics

How come I still get the message that it does not contain lyrics

Armand - 77 - One of them is me
Armand - Flower Children - Marijke
Armand - Flower Children - The Keyhole
Armand - Flower Children - Farmers, farmers and tradesmen
Armand - Flower Children - Dedicated to the places of the muddled farmers
Joan Baez - The Very Best of Joan Baez - Suzanne

Other music programs will read the lyrics from each file’s ID3 tags, and/or the Internet. Whereas the beets query you mention will read the lyrics from the beets SQLite3 database.

So either:

  • You ended up with lyrics stored in your files that weren’t imported into beets’s DB for some reason; or
  • Your other music programs are reading the lyrics from an online source, and they aren’t actually stored locally in your collection.