Lyrics Plugin Issues

Hi guys,

I’m having problems with the lyrics plugin. It seems most sources aren’t working. I have beautifulsoup4 installed, and I have a Google API key set up in config.

For example, here is what happens when I run the following command:
beet -vv lyrics Protest The Hero The Migrant Mother


user configuration: /config/config.yaml
data directory: /config
plugin paths:
Sending event: pluginload
library database: /config/musiclibrary.blb
library directory: /music
Sending event: library_opened
lyrics: Ignoring too short lyrics ‘Our systems have detected unusual activity from your IP address (computer network).
This page checks to see if it’s really you sending the requests, and not a robot.’
lyrics: failed to fetch: (404)
lyrics: failed to fetch: (404)
lyrics: lyrics not found: Protest the Hero - Palimpsest - The Migrant Mother

  • Google custom search isn’t working because of unusual activity, though I’m not using a VPN or proxy.
  • Musixmatch is returning 404 although the lyrics exist there.
  • Genius is missing from the search.
  • The lyrics are missing from Lyrics Wiki, so the 404 is expected here.

Do I have something misconfigured, or are these sources known to be broken at the moment?

Yo! Hmm, it’s pretty hard to say… it’s always possible that lyrics sources just don’t have a given song. Maybe it’s worth digging into Musixmatch a little more, since that one has the song? That URL does lead to lyrics for me, but I imagine they may be blocking the beets User-Agent and returning a 404 error. Maybe it would be productive to confirm that hypothesis.

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