Keep Christmas music separate from everything else

All my music is in Plex, and I’m interested in keeping my Christmas music in a different library.

What that means in practice is that my music is separated at the TOP level

/ChristmasMusic/Andy Williams
/Music/Andy Williams

I am just getting started with beets, what I think is that it looks like I have two directories… but beets wants just one? Is that right?

@johnsturgeon I think you could accomplish that by setting / as your root music directory, but making your import rules always file things into either ChristmasMusic or Music. For what it’s worth, here (with supporting Python code here) is how I have my rules defined, so that I can file music into one of several different subdirectories depending on criteria. For Christmas music, you’ll probably want to explicitly set some metadata field on the command line along with beet import. With a scheme like mine you could type:

beet import --set=category=Christmas 'Bad Religion - Christmas Songs'

to import that album into the /ChristmasMusic organization instead of the /Music one.

Happy to explain how it works further if you find the code too inscrutable.

I like that solution! Thanks