Storing music in different locations

I want to know if I could store music files in different top level folders?

I sync my music files with syncthing ( from my main music directory (desktop) to my notebook and my raspberry pi.

Eventually I want to use the notebook for dj-ing. And I don’t need all files on the notebook so I thought, I could split up my music and store it in different folders.

This could be my directory tree


Can I achieve such a layout with a configuration like this:

    default: Misc/$albumartist/$album%aunique{}/$track $title
    singleton: Misc/Non-Album/$artist/$title
    comp: Misc/Compilations/$album%aunique{}/$track $title
    genre:Tango: Tangos/$albumartist/$album%aunique{}/$track $title
    genre:Milonga: Tangos/$albumartist/$album%aunique{}/$track $title
    genre:Vals: Tangos/$albumartist/$album%aunique{}/$track $title

And if this is the correct configuration what is the appropriate command to split up the music collection?

Is it beet up?

Or should I simply move files with

beet move genre:Tango ~d ~/Music/Tangos

and beet will keep track of the files anyway?

But what happens when I import new files?

Any recommendations how to procede?


You’ll just want to use beet move (no arguments) to move files around to match your new directory structure. Everything should work fine with new imports too.

Thanks, a first try with -p shows reasonable results.

I can even change the beet directory in one run. :slight_smile:

I think I take a backup and will run beet move without -p.