Smart playlist samples and a possibly complex query

I’ve been using Beets to organise my library, but now I want to start generating dynamic playlists. I’ve already managed to do do decade-based smart playlists, based on what’s in the docs. I have a few questions.

  1. Have you got any really cool smart playlists set up? I’m looking for stuff that pushes the boundaries, stuff not expressly talked about in the docs, but use all the query tools available.

  2. How can I make one smart playlist for every distinct albumartist in my library?

  3. Would I do the same to create a smartplaylist for each individual genre from lastgenre?

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Not sure how “cool” it is, but here are a few of mine:

  auto: false
  playlist_dir: /music/playlists
  relative_to: /music/playlists
    - name: this_year.m3u
      album_query: 'original_year:2019 added-'
    - name: pitchfork_bnm.m3u
        - 'pitchfork_bnm:true added-'
    - name: pitchfork_highly_rated.m3u
        - 'pitchfork_score::.+ pitchfork_score:7.. added-'
    - name: portugues_moderno.m3u
        - 'label:enchufada original_year+'
        - 'label:príncipe'
        - 'label:nortesul'
    - name: recently_added.m3u
      - 'added- added:-2w..'
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I had not seen Pitchfork before. That looks like a cool addition.

Do you add the pitchfork tags manually, or is there a cool plugin I don’t know about?

I wrote a beets-pitchfork plugin to do all the tagging

Everyday I’m amazed by something else in beets