Use unique path only for certain imports

Is there an option to import an album but with a different $path than in the config file.
I’m asking because sometimes the disambiguation information that I’m printing in the foldername like:

Synchronicity (1983) (Limited Edition 2008) (FLAC 24-88)

Contains rediculous information that I’d rather leave out. Some examples:

No Jacket Required (1985) (on medium “251 599-2” and “manufactured in Germany by TELDEC Record Service GmbH” 1985) (MP3 249)

In a case like this I’d like to reformat it with the disambig info left out like.

No Jacket Required (1985) (MP3 249)

Can this be done with a manual command without changing the config file?

Thanks, Jan

You might consider using the --set option to the import command to change the disambiguation field to something more reasonable (or the empty string).

Thanks gonna try this out with a clear head tomorrow! :wink:

Worked nicely, thanks again!