Is it save to start many DB modifying instances of beets?

Hello when I started to tag my files with lyrics I noticed it is really slow. So I’m interested in starting more Instances of beets at the same time, for example:

TTY1: beet lyrics “albumartist:[A-G]."
TTY2: beet lyrics "albumartist:[H-Q].

TTY3: beet lyrics “albumartist:[R-Z]."
TTY4: beet lyrics "albumartist:[0-9].

Because all that commands would work on the database, I wonder if this will corrupt my database.

And if it won’t corrupt my database, is there a limitation or recommandation of an count of simultaneously running instances of database modifying instances of beet?

Seems like it should be fine! I can’t really think of any exceptions at the moment to the safety of running multiple beets instances… maybe be careful if the database itself is stored on a network filesystem.