Beets’ DB accessed by multiple computers

I want find a way so that I can manage beets’ DB from two computers.

At the moment I have the music files in Dropbox, but the beets DB on a local path, so that only one computer can access it.

Can I put the DB on Dropbox (or another synced location) as well, so that two computers can access the database? I can make sure that at any given time only one of the two computers modifies the DB.

It could work! In principle, if the syncing “finishes” after you make changes on one machine and before you start modifying on the other, everything should be fine. But of course, Dropbox is not perfect, and there’s a chance two machines could make conflicting updates. So I’d definitely make frequent backups.


Thank you for your reply, @adrian.

So, just to check: When a beets command has finished, all information is written in the DB or the music files, right? There’s nothing only kept in a local cache?


To a first approximation, yes. Some stuff that resides in other files in ~/.config/beets include the incremental-mode import status if you’re using that.

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