IMPORT Question: Return Value: Similarity

Hallo - I have a question that maybe to simple or I am just to stupid.

After importing lets say an Album it for example returns values like below. Now I assume that this pass one via MUSICBRAINZ or DISCOGS,

(Similarity: 97.8%) (media) (CD, 2001, US, J Records, 80813 20002 2)

my question however is there somewhere an explanation for these type values (media) or (id) etc as I would like fix those and see 100% beyond each every one of my albums in the library.
Maybe the wrong forum to ask, but “If you do not ask, you do not get”

Cheers Thomas

Those things indicate penalties, i.e., things that don’t match between your metadata and the metadata from MusicBrainz. So in this case, the “media” field differs between your files and the MusicBrainz match.

thanks for getting back. OK understood, but is there a list that defines what for example “media” or in a another case “id” entails? I mean “media” could a lot and “id” does not mean anything to me in this particular connection.
I hope that makes a bit clearer

Thanks Thomas

There is not really a list, but “media” literally means the media field. Try beet ls -af '$media' or similar to view it. And “id” is the MusicBrainz ID, which uses names like mb_trackid and mb_albumid.


ok thanks a million, I will get on with it. I have not been able to find anything and thought I ask here.

Than you very much, Thomas